There are a couple of different options when you have a consultant leaving. Choose one of the following that best suits what you want:

1. Delete Them

The one that requires the least work from you is to simply delete them from OneUp. You do this via the Settings button at the bottom left of the page, selecting Users and clicking the red bin to the right of their name.
Then, on the matrix, above your list of consultants is an option to Add a user or group. From here you can choose to include All deleted users which will display historic data for these users (as long as you have selected the correct time period from the Period drop down menu at the top of the page).
Deleted users data will always remain in current missions by default so as not to hinder the progress of the whole group.
Negatives for this option include being unable to see deleted user's data on TV slides (apart from Missions) and being unable to include deleted user's data in charts.

2. CRM House Account

Another option is to create a House Account on your CRM system which will act as a hub for all future leavers’ data.
CRM systems often have an option to accurately transfer data over from one user to another - speak to your CRM account manager if you’re interested.
We can then integrate directly with this House Account, just as we do any other user, and sync the data between your CRM and OneUp.
The data can be included in any area of OneUp that your current consultants data can.
Negatives for this option include being unable to specify between different consultants’ data within the House Account. It will act as a lump sum of previous data.
In addition, you will have to pay for a CRM licence for your House Account.

3. OneUp House Account

Your final option is to create a House Account similar to above, but on OneUp rather than your CRM system.
OneUp would also then have an account that held a lump sum of all your leavers’ data which can be included in all types of reports.
This option requires a little more manual work from yourself though, as you would need to manually add the data you want to keep from your leavers into the OneUp House Account. It is therefore often not as specific as the CRM option.
As a positive, the licence for a OneUp account is often cheaper than one on your CRM.

Please let a OneUp team member know which avenue you’d like to go down for this leaver and those in the future, and we can offer help where required!
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