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Step-by-step Instructions

In order to access the users page one OneUp, you need to be an Admin user.
Click the Configure button in the bottom left of your OneUp screen
Select ‘Users’ from the menu that appears
This will bring up a list of all your ‘Full Users’ and ‘Observers’ on the platform
Across from their name on the right hand side, if you see a blue arrow icon then this particular user has not yet been invited. Click that blue arrow to send their invite email!
Across from their name on the right hand side, if there is a red no entry symbol, click this to revoke their email. Check their email address is correct, and attempt to send the invite again.
If you see neither of the aforementioned symbols then your user has already logged into the platform and you cannot revoke or re-invite them from here.
They need to click ‘forgotten password’ on the log in page to reset their log in details and start from fresh.


Always ensure email address and details are correct before sending an invite email
Please check that the invite is not landing in a junk folder
If your attempt to revoke their email and re-send isn't successful - let one of our team know via the support chat system!
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