If call stats are appearing for some members of your team and not others, chances are they aren't connected to your integrations correctly. This could be because:
They were created manually on OneUp and weren't connected at the time
They are missing their relevant CRM ID

Checking the connection

Log into your OneUp account and click the Settings button in the bottom left corner of your screen.
Click the Integrations option in the menu that appears.
On the next page, select Configure on the right-hand side for the VOIP integration in question.
Open the Users sub-menu on the left sidebar, then click Advanced.

Be sure to check that your new starter has an account on your VOIP system before continuing these steps.
Linking the platforms

Locate your user in the list that appears
The box located to the right of your users name will likely be blank - this is the issue!
Your next steps depend on which VOIP system you use...
For 8x8 and The Comms Guys users, you will need to enter the last 4 digits of your consultant's phone number into the box
For CloudCall users, please read this article: How do I link a new starter from Cloudcall to OneUp?
For Akixi integrations you will need to enter the full phone number for your new consultant
Once you've done this, click Update User Links in the top right of your screen.


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