Date change

The date range on the dashboard will set the time frame that we fetch performance for the selected user. By default, your date range is set to 1 week. This will be the current week that you're in.

Changing the date range will not alter the timeframe for your missions or leagues; currently active missions and leagues are shown on the dashboard regardless of the date range set.
Changing The Date Range

The date range can be changed by using the date dropdown at the top right of the dashboard. The date range input box can be identified by the small calendar icon next to it. When clicked, you have two options for changing the date:
Dropdown box with pre-configured time periods
Custom date picker component

Only one of these options can be used at a time - either the date range is set from the options in the dropdown, or from input into the custom calendar.

Dropdown Box
The dropdown is listed with a set of pre-configured time periods:
This Week
Last Week
This Month
Last Month
This Quarter
Last Quarter
This Year
Last Year

By selecting one of the dropdown options the date range will be updated and the dropdown will close. Allow time for the dashboard to refresh with your updated dates and data.

Custom Date Picker
Using the custom date picker allows you to be specific with the date range you wish to select. Select a start and end date using the calendar and then update your date range by clicking the Set Custom Date Range button.

Struggling to select a start date? Identify the start date you wish to select and click it twice. This will set the start date to be the date selected.
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