The matrix is a very powerful tool for bringing up any data about your company. Sometimes you'll want to bring up specific reports, however, and it can be a pain to create them every single time. With your own saved "views", you can look a the KPIs that matter without doing any of the work.

Views will remember:
The metrics you've added,
The users you've added,
The time period the report is over (this can be changed within the view after saving, without affecting the rest of the report),
The arrangement of metric columns,
Whether you've chosen user or team view at the top right of the page.

Steps to create your report

Open the Matrix, found in the sidebar on the left of the site, under Analyse.
The matrix loads with a default view containing some of your metrics on the platform.

To start a view from scratch, use the Remove all Columns button (the rubber icon) on the far right of the page.
Use the Select a Metric dropdown to add as many metrics as you like to your view. You can add the same one twice!

You can drag and drop the metric columns around into any order you like! Just click and hold over the column name.
Use the User Manager to add or remove whichever users you like. A guide to this feature can be found here.
Use the date picker at the top of the page to set a timeframe for your view.
Once that's done, your view is ready to be saved! Click the floppy disk icon at the right of the page to save your view.
Enter a name for your view in the window that appears, then click Save.
Your report is saved and can be accessed from the View Manager.


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