If data is appearing for some members of your team and not others, chances are they aren't connected to your integrations correctly. This could be because:
They were created manually on OneUp and weren't connected at the time;
They are missing their relevant CRM ID on OneUp.

Checking the connection

Log into your OneUp account and click the Settings button in the bottom left corner of the site.
Click the Integrations option in the menu that appears.
Click Configure on the right hand side for the integration you're expecting to see data for.
Open the Users sub-menu on the left sidebar, then click Unlinked.

Establishing the issue

If you can see the user you're missing data for in this menu, that means they aren't linked to OneUp yet! Click Link on the right-hand side. This will connect them to your integration, allowing their data to come through to us!

If your user has been unlinked for some time, we will need to resync your integration data to fetch anything we missed. Contact us using the in app chat and we can get this sorted for you!
If you don't see the user, this could mean they do not have an account on the connected system. Please ensure they do and repeat the previous steps.

Next steps

If you're confident the user has an account on the integrated system yet isn't appearing in the 'Unlinked' list, click Advanced under the Users sub-menu
Locate your user in the list that appears
Copy the ID from the box on the right and pass it to our support team via the in app chat, complete with the user's name - we'll figure it out for you :)

If you are trying to link a VOIP phone system, this ID box will likely be empty. Please read our helpdesk article on VOIP integrations to walk you through the process!

Still having problems with your data? Get in touch via the support chat and we'll do our best to resolve your problem.

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