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Step-by-step Instructions

In order to set targets one OneUp you need to be an Admin user
Go to the blue ‘Configure’ menu in the bottom left corner of your screen
From the menu that appears click ‘Targets’
Hit the blue ‘+ Assign a Target’ button in the top left of your screen
Select the users you’d like to assign the target to and the metric you’d like to target
Input the value and time period for that specific target
Select your start and end date (you can backdate this if it has been in place for the whole year)
Hit ‘Create Target’

Targets will show on user Dashboards, in the Matrix, on Leaderboards, and on any Target slideshows!


Make sure you have set your figure relative to the time period selected! Targets will calculate/accumulate to represent the date range selected in areas such as Dashboard and Matrix.
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