If you have a company with many departments or different offices, and want to include similar elements across all of them to keep them on-brand, but are concerned there's a lot of effort or time wasted in trying to add individual slides each time, then a nested slideshow could be your answer! You can add your company slides in its own slideshow, then nest that in to your office-specific shows to keep company announcements and images consistent.

Creating a nested slideshow

On your OneUp dashboard, navigate to the Settings button at the bottom left of the screen, then click Slideshows.
If you haven't already, create the slideshow you'd like to add the existing slideshow to.
In the slides pane on the right of the slideshow creation screen, click Create Slide at the bottom.
In the window that appears, in the miscellaneous category, select Nested Slideshow.
In the dropdown box that appears, select the slideshow you want to nest. The other fields will automatically be populated once you select it.
Click Create Slide at the bottom right of the window. You can now add this slideshow to any existing one by clicking Add in the slideshow pan on the right, just like any other slide!


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