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Step-by-step Instructions

Log into your OneUp dashboard - You need to have admin permissions to be able to add a new metric
Click the blue 'Configure' menu in the bottom left of the screen
Select ‘Measurables'
In the top right of your screen select ‘Add Measurable'
Decide whether it is a metric tracked by quantity or whether you want to set up a conversion between two metrics
Name your metric
Under ’Type’ decide whether it is an activity, currency, or duration metric
For a normal metric that will pull data from your CRM it does not need to be a ‘Parent’
A parent metric is one which encompasses data from multiple other metrics, often used to show ’Total’ metrics (e.g. Total Placement would encompass both Permanent and Contract Placements) How do I create a Parent Metric?
Loggable is usually set to yes - if you’d like to be able to log manual data against the metric
Metrics are almost always set to be a Priority so we recommend leaving that set as ‘Yes’
Hit ‘Create’
You now need to pop up on the support chat to a member of OneUp and ask us to link your new metric with your CRM :)


If data is appearing incorrectly you may have set the 'Type' incorrectly (e.g. If a call metric is showing in the thousands it is probably not set to be a 'Duration')
If the data isn't pulling through at all then the rules may be misconfigured - please let a OneUp team member know this via the support chat
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