Your list of Measurables on OneUp is completely customisable!
We always recommend that you sit down with your team to decipher exactly what you really want to drive and display using our platform.
Don't presume you're stuck with the standard workflow, even unique note types logged within your CRM can often be displayed as their own metric! (Check with one of our support team to see if this is an option for you)

Creating a new Measurable!

Log into your OneUp dashboard - You need to have an admin account to be able to add a new metric
Click the 'Configure' menu in the bottom left of your screen
Select ‘Measurables' from the menu that appears
In the top right of your screen select ‘Add Measurable'
Here you have the option to create a normal quantitative metric or to set up a conversion/ratio between two metrics
Name your metric
Under ’Type’ decide whether it is an activity, currency, or duration metric
For a normal metric that will pull data from your CRM it does not need to be a ‘Parent’
A parent metric is one which encompasses data from multiple other metrics, often used to show ’Total’ metrics (e.g. Total Placement would encompass both Permanent and Contract Placements) How do I create a Parent Metric?
Loggable is usually set to yes - if you’d like the option to be able to log manual data against this metric
Metrics are almost always set to be a Priority so we recommend leaving that as the default ‘Yes’
Hit ‘Create’ :)
You now need to pop up on the support chat to a member of our team and ask us to link your new metric with your CRM - it's no bother for us!


If data is appearing incorrectly you may have set the 'Type' incorrectly (e.g. If a call metric is showing in the thousands it is probably not set to be a 'Duration')
If the data isn't pulling through at all then the rules may be misconfigured - please let a OneUp team member know this via the support chat

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