Creating a Parent Metric

A 'Parent Metric' is used as an umbrella metric to display accumulative data from multiple different sources. For example... you may want a Parent Metric called 'Total Revenue' which will encompass the data from both 'Permanent Revenue' and 'Contract Revenue'.
Click the Configure button in the bottom left of your OneUp screen
Select ‘Measurables' from the menu that appears
In the top right of your screen select ‘Add Measurable'
Select 'Quantity'
Name your parent metric
Under ’Type’ decide whether it is an activity, currency, or duration metric
Ignore all the other options, leave them as the default settings and hit 'Create'
Now you need to decide which metrics you'd like to feed into your new Parent Metric!
Click into the feeder metrics you have chosen and use the 'Parent' drop down menu to select the name of the parent metric created earlier
That new parent metric will now pull in and combine the data from all of the metrics you select

The list of Measurables/Metrics you have on OneUp are completely customisable and can be deleted, renamed and moved around however you'd prefer.
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