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Step-by-step Instructions

Log into your Cloudcall account
On the left hand side click Configuration > Service Accounts
Copy the number next to the new users’ name
Log into your OneUp account on a separate tab
Go to Configuration > Integrations > hit ‘Configure’ on the Cloudcall integration
On the left hand side click Users > Advanced
Next to your new user there will be a blank remote ID box
Paste the number from Cloudcall into this box
Hit the blue ‘Update User Links’ button in the top right corner of your screen
If you’ve missed data for your new starter due to this integration not being linked, pop up on the support chat to one of our team and we can re-sync the data for you!
You’re all done :)


If you are still getting no call data through for that account:
Check that there are not two separate accounts on Cloudcall for the same person
Double check that you have copied across the correct Remote ID
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