Sometimes you may have discrepancies in your data that are not easily solved by going through your CRM, or you have 'manual' metrics that you don't hook up to your CRM, and you need a way to input data for that metric. The Add Data menu on the left of the OneUp page can help!

There are two options for manual input - Report Activity and Upload Spreadsheet.

Report Activity

The Report Activity option is useful for adding a data point for your metric.

Make sure you've selected the correct user towards the top right of the page. This is the user that the data will be attributed to.
Next to the user, select the date you'd like the activity to appear for. It defaults to today's date.

You can add activity for a date in the past; simply choose a date before today.
Underneath the user and date selection, choose the metric you want to add activity for from the dropdown.

You can add multiple metrics at the same time by choosing another from the dropdown.
In the new fields that appear, you can input the figure for the data. So for example, if you're adding an amount for CVs sent and you had three additional ones to add, enter 3 in the field next to the CVs Sent metric. You can also use the increment buttons either side of the field if you wish.

You can 'remove' data by using a negative number as the value!
Click the Submit Report button.
Done! Your data will now appear in the Matrix, targets, and in any missions and challenges using that metric.

Other users may need to refresh their browser to receive their updated metrics.

Upload Spreadsheet

The Upload Spreadsheet option is useful for adding a bulk of data at the same time - much quicker than reporting activity for each one!

In the spreadsheet screen, click the Download Spreadsheet button. This downloads a spreadsheet containing columns for all of your metrics.
Click next at the bottom right of the screen.

The next button may be covered by the support chat icon if you just downloaded the spreadsheet - if this happens, close your downloads bar, or toggle the support chat off at the top right of the page.
On the next page, select the date you'd like your uploaded data to appear on.

This will attribute all data to the date you set here. If you have data spread out over a large period and wish to organise the data better, you could separate daily or weekly bulks of data and upload a spreadsheet for each.
In Excel or your spreadsheet software of choice, open the spreadsheet you downloaded and add the values for the relevant data.

It's important that you don't reorder or delete any columns you're not uploading data for. If you're not uploading data for that metric, just leave the column blank - the system will ignore it.
Once you're finished with the spreadsheet, save it, and on the OneUp page, press next.
In the next step, you're prompted to browse your PC for a file. Press the Choose File button and navigate to where you saved your spreadsheet.
Press Upload.
Done! Your data is now saved to the system and will appear in the Matrix, on targets and in any missions and challenges using the metrics you uploaded data for.

Other users may need to refresh their browser to receive their updated metrics.


Still having issues? Reach out to us on the support chat, and we'd be happy to help!
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