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Leagues are competitive - just as a sporting league is
You can compete Team v Team or Individual v Individual
Leagues allow you to compete on multiple metrics during the same competition
You can create a 'Fantasy Football' style league where you award points per activities
You can create a 'F1 Championship' style league where you obtain points for your overall league standing

You must have an Admin account on OneUp in order to create/edit Leagues

Creating a League!

Log into your OneUp Account
Click the 'Gamify' icon in your sidebar on the left hand side
Choose 'Leagues'
Hit 'Create a League' in the top right of your screen
Name your League and choose the time period you'd like the League to run for
Next decide whether this League will be Team v Team or Individual v Individual
Select the users you'd like to be included
Next you can choose the type of league you want to run: Per Activity (Fantasy Football) or Per Position (F1 Championship)
Select the metrics/activities you'd like your users to compete on and award them points for importance
Add the prize/prizes on offer for your winners
Finally publish your League!

Editing a League

^^ Repeat steps 1-3 above ^^
You should see your active League on the page that opens
Click 'Edit League' under the name of your League
This will re-open the stages you followed in order to create the league in the first place so that you can chop and change what you'd like :)

Viewing your League

^^ Repeat steps 1-3 from 'Creating a League' ^^
You should see your League on the Leagues page that opens
Click 'View League'
This will open the breakdown of your League where you can see the current standings!


If you don't see your League when you open the Leagues page, it may be under the 'Upcoming' or 'Finished' or 'Setup Incomplete' sections which you will see at the top of the page

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