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Missions are a collaborative effort with those included working together towards the incentive rather than competing between one-another
You can only work towards a goal for one of your metrics on OneUp (If you want to include multiple metrics a League is your best bet)
The option to create tiered incentives/stretch targets keeps your guys working right until the very end with no fixed endpoint in sight!

You must have an Admin account on OneUp in order to create/edit Missions

Creating a Mission!

Log into your OneUp Account
Click the 'Gamify' icon in your sidebar on the left hand side
Choose 'Missions'
Hit 'Create Mission' in the top right of your screen
Name your Mission and choose the start and end date of said Mission
Select the metric you want to target your team on
Select the users you'd like to be included in your mission (using the 'Select Multiple' button saves some time)
Finally set your incentives/objectives!
By clicking '+Add Objective' at the bottom of the page, you can create new tiers to your incentive (These increase from easiest to toughest)
Hit 'Create' at the bottom to complete your setup!

Editing a Mission

^^ Repeat steps 1-3 above ^^
You should see your mission on the Missions page that opens
Click the cog symbol in the top right of the relevant Mission card
This will open the same edit form you used to create the mission in the first place
Alter whatever you need and don't forget to hit 'Save Changes' at the bottom :)

Viewing your Mission

^^ Repeat steps 1-3 from 'Creating a Mission' ^^
You should see your mission on the Missions page that opens
Click on the name of the Mission you'd like to view
This will open the breakdown of your mission where you can see how the team is progressing and their individual contributions towards the current figure


If you don't see your Mission when you open the Missions page, it may be under the 'Upcoming' or 'Completed' sections which you will see at the top of the page

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