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Setting up a Trigger

You need to be an admin on OneUp in order to set up triggers.
Log into your OneUp account.
Go to the Settings menu in the bottom left corner of the site.
Click on Triggers from the menu that appears.
Click + Create Trigger in the top right of your screen.
Name your Trigger (this name won't appear on the screens, it's just for identifying the triggers on this page).
Click on the trigger that is created - this will open up the trigger settings.
First, add a Condition - this is the metric and quantity that your team members must meet in order to trigger their celebration!
Then, add and Action - this is usually a TV flash, but can also be an email (note: this email will currently go round to everyone in your team). You can customise the message of the TV flash as well as its duration

For custom user anthems, your team need to upload their own files to their profile in order to celebrate in style! For more information on this, read this article: How do I add a custom user anthem?
If you deselect ‘Use User Anthem’ it will play your default company anthem instead (OneUp's default is a round of applause). However, you can also change this company anthem! See this article for more information: How do I change the default company anthem?

If your triggers aren't playing:
Make sure you only have 1 condition to meet in order to trigger the celebration - otherwise this can make it complicated!

If your sound isn't playing:
See: Sound isn't playing out on my TV!
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