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We recommend purchasing a Chromebit and Wireless Keyboard from Amazon to run OneUp on your office TV screens.
Setting up a new TV

On your TV, open Google Chrome and go to the URL
A 6-digit code will then appear on the screen.
On a laptop/computer, log into your OneUp portal - this needs to be an account with admin access.
Click the Settings button in the bottom left of the site, then click Screens.
A new page opens. In the top right of the page, click the blue Activate New TV button.
Select the slideshow you wish to be shown in this particular TV screen (you can use this feature to tailor what is shown on each TV screen).
Name the TV (e.g. Main Office, Reception, Sales Floor, Meeting Room).
Finally, enter the 6-digit PIN that is currently shown on the TV and click Activate TV.
That TV has now been activated and should appear as a new entry on your Screens page!

The TV icon in the Screens page will be green to indicate that it is active. A grey TV icon indicates that TV is offline, or not displaying a slideshow using

If your TV encounters issues or becomes inactive, go to the Screens page again and refresh the TV.
Still having issues? Feel free to reach out to us via the in app chat - we'll be happy to help!
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