Admin privileges are required to edit data visibility.

By default, all of the metrics and targets your company tracks are displayed and rotated through when you open your dashboard. If you'd like to change which targets and metrics appear, these steps will allow you to do so.

Editing visible metrics affects ALL users on OneUp.
Assigning priority metrics

From your dashboard, click the settings button at the bottom left of the page.
In the menu that appears, select the measurables option.
This opens a page showing all the metrics that are pulled from your CRM by OneUp, as well as other metrics created by your company (for example parent metrics).
Click the name of the metric you'd like to hide. In the window that appears, find the is priority dropdown and change it to no.
Press Save Changes.

Metrics that are set to non-priority will not automatically appear in your Matrix, and must be manually selected from the "Add Measurable" dropdown.
You must refresh your browser to view the priority changes in your dashboard.
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