In order to display a OneUp slideshow on your TV, you need to associate the slideshow with your activated screen on OneUp. For one reason or another, you may want to change the content for a particular screen. Simply create a new slideshow and change the slideshow associated with the screen in question.

Changing your TV Slideshow

You need to have an Admin account on OneUp in order to alter your TV Screen settings!
Go to the Settings menu in the bottom left of the OneUp site.
From the menu that appears, click Screens.
On the next page, you should see all your currently configured TVs.
Find the screen you want to change, and on the right hand side next to the screen name, there are 4 icons - click the TV icon.
If you have clicked the correct icon it will display a pop up window with the option to change slideshow.
From the drop down menu on this pop up window, select the new slideshow you wish to show.
Finally hit Set Slideshow and you're done! Your screen will now refresh and display your new slideshow :)

The pop up window will often disappear once you've selected your slideshow. This does not mean the slide selection has been confirmed! You will need to open the window again and ensure you have clicked Set Slideshow underneath the dropdown box. A confirmation box at the top right of the site will indicate when the slideshow has been set correctly.

If the TV icon next to your named screen is grey, this suggests it is inactive and will not function properly. Chat to our support team for help with activating this!
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