You are able to organise your users on OneUp into Teams!
These teams are normally used to represent the different teams you have within your office, but we also recommend creating a 'Whole Company' or 'Whole Office' team for an easy way to view the collaborative results of the entire company/office!
You compete Team Vs Team in Leagues, you can view your statistics on the Matrix page as Teams rather than Individuals, and you can create slides for your TV to include specific teams only (to mention just few options!)

Creating Teams

You need to have an Admin account on OneUp in order to create/edit teams.
Log into your OneUp dashboard.
Go to the Configure menu in the bottom left corner of your screen.
Select Teams from the menu that appears.
To create a new group hit +Create Group in the top right of your screen.
Name your group, select the users you want to include, and click Create Group!

Editing an Existing Team

To edit an existing group, click on the name of the relevant group.
The group will open, with the option to Edit Group on the right hand side
Alter whatever information you need within the group settings and hit Save Changes to apply them :)
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