Video Tutorial:

In order to create/edit slideshows you must have an admin account on OneUp
Step-by-step Instructions

Log into your OneUp Dashboard
Go to the Configure menu in the bottom left of your screen
Select 'Slideshows' from the menu that appears
If you are creating a brand new slideshow hit 'Add Slideshow' in the top right
If you are wanting to edit some slides within an existing Slideshow hit 'Edit' on the relevant slideshow
Click on the link at the top of this article to learn how to create slides to add to your slideshow! :)

Slideshows are a compilation of individual slides that will tick round on your TV screen (similar to a Powerpoint presentation)
Only 1 slideshow can be added per screen. You would only need multiple slideshows if you wanted to show different content on another screen
Always ensure you hit save changes in the bottom right when editing anything on your slideshow!
If you're struggling with how to display your slideshow on your selected TV read: How to change which slideshow is displayed on my TV?
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