The matrix allows you to customise data columns in many different ways. Learn the things you can do below!

Adding and removing columns

You can add any number of measurables to the matrix and they will automatically resize to fit all the data on the screen. To add a measurable:
Find and click on the measurables dropdown at the top of the matrix page.

A list of all your measurables appear, sorted alphabetically. To select a measurable, either scroll through the list and click on your chosen measurable, or you can begin typing to search for one.
Once you've chosen a measurable, a new column will be created at the far right of the matrix view!

To remove a column from the matrix:
Click the gear icon on the column you wish to remove.
A small window appears with column controls. Click the red bin icon to remove the column from the matrix view.

Or, to remove all displayed columns, at the top right of the matrix page, click the Remove all Columns button.

Removing a column does not delete the measurable from OneUp. You can easily add a column again if you need to!

Rearranging columns

You can easily move columns around to suit your recruitment pipeline! Simply click and hold over the metric title, and drag the column to your chosen location.

Sorting columns

You can also sort data in the matrix by a specific column. To sort your data:
Choose the metric you'd like to sort by.
Click the gear icon on the column's title. A small window with column controls appears.
Use the sort icons (the up and down arrows) to sort all matrix data ascending or descending with respect to this column.

To cancel the sort, click the chosen sort icon again.


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