Video Tutorial: Coming Soon!

For this tutorial you will need a Chromebit and a wireless keyboard
Step-by-step Instructions

Plug the Chromebit into a power source and then into the HDMI socket on your chosen TV
At the end of the Chromebit, there's a USB socket. Put the little dongle for your wireless keyboard into that to establish a connection.
Set the source of your TV to the correct HDMI port and you'll see a setup window appear for the Chromebit (likely in German).
In the bottom left, there is an option to change the language before continuing with setup.
From here it will be a fairly self-explanatory step-by-step guide to complete the setup; You'll need a google account to sign in!
Once you've finished, head to Google and install the 'Keep Awake' Chrome extension to prevent the Chromebit from hibernating (
Head to in your chrome browser and a large 6-digit code will appear on the TV.
Log into your OneUp Dashboard on your computer, go to the settings menu at the bottom left of the page and click Screens from the menu that appears.
Finally, hit Activate New TV in the top right and follow the step-by-step instructions to get your screen connected! :)
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