Unfortunately, this is a side-effect of an addition Google made to the Chrome web browser in September 2017. You now need to alter a setting on your TVs (or the device powering them).

Amending your auto-play policy

Go to chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy on the device powering your TVs.
Change the setting to "No user gesture is required", then click "Relaunch Now" in the bottom-right corner.

Sounds will now play uninhibited when a trigger goes off.

Why did they make the change?

Google acknowledged that many users around the world felt frustrated when they opened a website only for videos and sounds to begin blaring out at them without their consent. It provided an unpleasant experience and so Google decided to put a stop to it by preventing websites from auto-playing videos and sounds.

Unfortunately, this also includes OneUp - we cannot play your celebration music without your explicit consent. Strange, we know!

Sound still not playing?
Check that your TV isn't muted/turned down
Check that the device powering your TV isn't muted/turned down

Whilst we're generally unable to provide assistance with hardware, if you're still stuck you can get in touch and we'll see if we can help.
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