The matrix has the ability to report over any time period that you have data for, letting you customise your reports and check data for any time easily! As well as choosing a time period for all data in the matrix, you can also choose periods for individual metric columns, to, for example, show a week-by-week breakdown of interviews, call times or revenue!

Changing the date of all metric columns

From the matrix, load the view you want to manipulate.
At the top of the page, click the date picker (the rectangular box with a calendar next to it).
A dropdown box opens. From here, you can choose from a preset list of time periods:
this week,
last week,
this month,
last month,
this quarter,
last quarter,
this year,
last year,
or, you use the calendar to choose a custom date range. First, choose your start date by clicking the day of the month you want to begin the report on. Then, click the date you'd like to end the report on.

If you'd just like to report for a particular day, click the same day twice in the calendar.

Click Set Custom Date Range. The matrix then populates the metric columns with data for the time period you chose!

Choose a custom date range for individual columns

We recommend choosing your blanket time period with the date picker at the top of the matrix page first, before fine-tuning individual metrics. Choosing a new date with the main date picker will cause all custom dates for columns you've changed to be overridden.
In the matrix, load the view you'd like to manipulate.
Once your view is prepared, click the gear icon on the metric whose date you want to individually change.
A pop-out window appears. Click the calendar icon to give this column a custom date range.

A new window appears, similar to the main date picker dropdown, where you can select the time period for the column you chose.
Once you've chosen a date, click Set Custom Date Range. The matrix will reload your column with the specified time period!
Repeat steps 2 to 5 for any other metric columns you need.


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